Would you rekindle the romance? You can conjure up a December romance for two with fragrances for a couple – Lifestyle

What is your perfect fragrance pair?

The s.Oliver brand offers fragrant pairs of the most beautiful and delicate notes for you and your partner. They named the campaign Our s.Oliver parbut they want to take you through a love story, because everything is more beautiful in two.

Throughout the campaign, they present pairs of the most beautiful s.Oliver fragrances from different lines. The Red Label and Black Label lines contain different fragrance notes, so you will definitely find something for you and your loved one. Keep in mind your character and the character of your relationship – then choose the notes according to your intuition.

On a date night

If you decide to get together romantically in the evening, we recommend couples from the Black Label line, which was created with special attention to elegant sophistication and special moments shared with a loved one.

s.Oliver Black Label fragrances are intended for all occasions, and will especially add romantic value to evening dates. These fragrances will bring you an unbeatable experience and a scent that you will remember forever.

Choose or choose from:

♥ For Her & For Him
♥ Selection Woman & Man
♥ Follow Your Soul Woman & Man
♥ Label For Her & For Him
♥ Label Eau Legere For Her & For Him
♥ Superior Woman & Man

For daily harmony

The Red Label fragrance line offers a wide range of delicately elegant fragrances and fragrances for every day. They are mainly intended for daily wear, so choose them if you and your lover are planning a weekend trip, a trip to nature, lunch in a place on the other side of the country or a walk around the city, where you will find a nice cafe.

Choose or choose from:

♥ Pure Sense Man & Woman

♥ They are Pure Man & Woman

♥ Original Man & Woman

♥ Soulmate Man & Woman