Wisdom from 101-year-old icon Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel she is the interior designer and entrepreneur who took care of the interior of the White House. In 1950, she and her husband Carlo Apflo founded the textile company Old World Weavers, which they also closed forty years later, when it was time for their retirement. In all these years, Iris Apfel was given the opportunity to decorate the interior of the White House nine times. In collaboration with the first ladies, she transformed the official residence of Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Reagan and, just before retirement, Clinton.

She rejects the label of feminism

Today, 101-year-old Iris Apfel is famous for her oversized glasses and bold combination of bright colors, which she knows how to wear perfectly. Also, her years and experience give her the right to be downright brutal when people ask her opinion. At the same time, she is full of life wisdom, which she likes to share in her frequent interviews. Thus, in one of the many conversations, she highlighted her life motto: “Live and let others live.” Don’t waste time judging others. More important than how you are dressed is that you are happy. I always follow my intuition, never just reason.”

Although she rejects the label of feminism, Apfel believes that women should have the will and ability to make their own decisions. Especially in matters such as pregnancy and childbirth. Despite her years, she still travels all over the world to find goods and knows no obstacles that prevent her from achieving or finding what she wants or is looking for.

Some surprising facts about the icon

Although she got married more than six decades ago, Apflova still has the pair of shoes she wore on her wedding day. And you can believe her when she says that they are back in fashion. She is considered a pioneer of women’s jeans, as she was the first to wear jeans in the 1930s, when neither men nor women wore them. And she’s eccentric in another way – she loves Christmas so much that guests at her house in Palm Beach always come across a decorated Christmas tree. She is also the author of three books on design and fashion. And there is something else that can be recognized as a big plus for her – she never pretends to be younger. As an advocate of natural aging, she is not a fan of medical procedures designed to hide people’s age. For her, years are just a number, but at the same time she says that age is just a passing thought, so she never thought about indulging in cosmetic procedures.

How strongly the Apfel couple were connected, Iris tells when she shows her husband’s ring, which they bought in Dublin for his birthday on August 4, 1958. He wore it until 2015, when he died at the age of one hundred. During the day, the lively Iris smells just like him, as they both used the men’s fragrance yatagan before. “Well, perfume never smells the same on two people,” she says when people ask her why.

Fast fashion a blessing for the young

It’s no secret that Iris Apfel has a fondness for fast fashion, which she describes as a “blessing for the young.” In her day, $35 for a dress was a lot, and she had to work for more than two weeks in her first job at fashion industry magazine Women’s Wear Daily. “Now you can go to H&M, Zara and similar stores and try things on. Nothing compares to buying something, wearing it and seeing how you feel. Nothing can replace experience,” said Apfel in one of the interviews, who has also been working with the aforementioned brand since March of this year, and the collection will of course also contain large, eye-catching jewelry, which is a recognizable sign of the famous centenary.