What is the best way to decorate an apartment for Easter?

Spring and the season of decorating the home with Easter decorations have already begun. We found imaginative and simple ideas on social networks, and when selecting them, we kept in mind that we can do all this ourselves.

Easter decoration brings beautiful shades of pastel colors to our homes, as well as other colorful colors that we missed in winter. Easter baskets, Easter eggs, bunnies and lots of flowers are just some of the favorite Easter decorations for the home.

Decorating your home can be a playful pastime, and Easter decorating ideas get more imaginative every year.

If you are a fan of DIY projects, you are certainly no stranger to Easter decorations, below are just a handful of suggestions for how you can make wonderful Easter decorations yourself this year.

Whether you want to make Easter table decorations, Easter door decorations, wooden entrance decorations or Easter paper decorations, we have lots of ideas for you.

So, tools in hand and let’s go!

Vase with “egg” flowers

Spring flowers will certainly look great in a vase on their own or with the addition of greenery, branches or colored easter eggs. You can also fill glasses or bowls with Easter eggs and place them on the table as a perfect Easter table decoration.

Napkins in the shape of bunnies

Special napkins are an interesting addition to the festive table. Fold the napkin into a ribbon, then shape it into a U, fold the two ends and tie with ribbon, and in the middle where there is space when the napkin is placed on the plate, place a painted egg!

Spring.  Easter.  Pyrrha.  |  Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

Easter decorations for the door

In addition to decorations on the Easter table, Easter door decorations can also be very effective in creating atmosphere. Usually these are different wreaths.

Bunny box

A very simple and interesting Easter box, in which chocolate eggs must not be missing!

Paper flowers

These flowers really do not smell, but their good feature is that they are beautiful for a long time. You can make just flowers and arrange them on the table, or you can make crepe paper flowers with a stem and put them in a vase.

Accessories with flowers

Green is the color of spring and brings freshness after a boring winter. If you wrap the cutlery in a green napkin, add a sprig of spring flowers and a colorful ribbon, your holiday table is almost perfectly decorated.

Spring.  Easter.  Placemat.  |  Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock