We tested car fragrances that share ingredients with French perfumes – Current

Odoro fragrance ingredients come from France and are the same as French perfumes. We currently have four scents available, namely Orange-Chili, Patchouli, ‘Cuban Soul’ and Sandalwood. Our winner is the ‘Cuban soul’, which evokes memories of some kind of complete disconnection or a journey into carefreeness, it is true that it is the most ‘masculine’ and the female representatives will be won over by one of the remaining three, elegant and chic.

Our selection: Cuban Soul
An elegant car fragrance for men, whose main notes are rum, tobacco, absinthe, sage, musk, honey, wood, coumarin. The ingredients come from France, and they especially fit the nose in the winter months. As already mentioned, she immediately reminded us of a man’s journey, which means a complete disconnection somewhere far away, preferably in a cuba with a cigar in one hand and a shot of rum in the other.

This elegant fragrance is likely to appeal more to the fairer sex. Its main notes are orange and chili, which are joined by cinnamon, ginger…, so in the car it smells like sweet citrus with a touch of bold chili, the smell is warm and soothing and at the same time a little spicy. We also thought that this fragrance is very suitable for winter days, it even reminds us of December and the festive atmosphere, thereby providing some nostalgia and magic.

A refreshing and elegant fragrance with a dominant note of fresh and green patchouli, joined by energetic mandarin, expressive bergamot, sensual cedar, luxurious amber, mildly sweet sandalwood and sensual musk. It looks exclusive, modern and gentle, but at the same time it wakes us up with intense pleasantness.


Its main notes are sandalwood, orange, vanilla, rose, jasmine and tonka bean. This fragrance is deeply elegant, i.e. evokes the impression of classic, timeless chic.

Car fragrances last at least 30 days and are available on the website www.disavca.si.