Was Manuela right, there is perfume for horses?

Manuela Fittkau is in the process of cleaning the barn Jure Struna suggested a perfume for horses, because she herself bought a fragrance for her pet rabbit, which gave off a pleasant scent to the coat of the furry one. Her idea evoked derisive smiles from the assembled company, and the spectators in front of the television screens also laughed.

Photo: VOYO – A chat about horse perfume

Although the whole thing seemed inappropriate even to horse lovers, a jump among the range of grooming products for horse care reveals that nowadays there is a really wide selection of shampoos, conditioners and scented sprays to make the hair shine and comb the mane easier. It may sound unbelievable, but in addition to floral, herbal and fruity fragrances, you can even buy a spray with a fruity fresh scent with a glitter effect.

What about perfume? Is the latter even suitable for horses? With this question, we contacted the Slovenian provider of equipment and grooming products for horses, which offers the above-mentioned grooming items, but unfortunately we did not receive an explanation.