Time to create: Wreaths as part of Easter decoration – Decor

This year, you still have no idea how to decorate your house for this occasion? Let us come to your aid! If you do a bit of searching online, typical Easter decorations will include tinsel, eggshells and the first spring flowers, with a branch in between.

But why not be a little different this year? And instead of classic flowers, did you prefer dry flowers? Which will you be able to use even after Easter? Then choose corollas as part Easter decorations. Wreaths? Aren’t these more suitable for Advent? Far from it! Bullet from Sanjsko shopkawhere you can find quite a few beautiful wreaths made of dried flowers, swear by difference and uniqueness. And wreaths are just that!

The symbolism of the wreath – a closed circle

Although wreaths are most famous during Advent, why not use them for Easter? The round shape means perfection and eternity, and festive wreaths have been a decorative symbol for centuries. Once upon a time, they had a different meaning – they represented power and authority, as leaders and kings wore them on their heads. At the same time, they also expressed honor and triumph on the heads of successful warriors and athletes.

Did you know that wreaths are also a sign of newlyweds?

In ancient Rome, brides wore wreaths woven from herbs. They believed that
they symbolize beginnings, fidelity and fertility. The flower crown is still a fashionable accessory today, which is also dictated by wedding trends.

Wreaths of dried flowers

Dried flower wreaths last forever

There are several reasons why dried flowers are so popular, but the most important is certainly their unlimited shelf life. Hang the wreath in the right place and it will stay forever, the only important thing is that it is not exposed to too much moisture and sunlight. This way you will always have a memory of this year’s Easter.

They are environmentally friendly

The long service life allows you to move the wreath – on the front door, on the balcony door, hang it above the bed. Where you want. In addition, they are made of organic materials that do not burden the environment.

They are completely unique

Each dried flower is unique. They differ only in textures, shapes and colors, so each wreath is also unique.

Create it yourself!

The best thing about the Easter wreath is that you can easily make it yourself. Easter is a family holiday, so why not gather the family together and create wreaths together? First, go to the meadow and pick meadow flowers, which you then dry at home. When you have the flowers ready, you still need glue, wires, string and ties. Then simply let your imagination run free. Make a sketch, then take a breather – have a creative day. Relax your mind, rest your head and enjoy creating without stress. Hang it on the front door or on the wall in the kitchen and beautify the entire space.

If you feel that you don’t have a creative streak, they are waiting for you in Sanjské šopek beautiful wreaths from Metka’s hands.

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