Religious items you should keep in your cars

These items bring God’s blessing to us along the way

We can often identify a Christian’s car. A rosary or cross can be seen hanging from the rearview mirror, and a sticker of a fish representing Christ can be seen on the tailgate. Although cars are quite a novelty in our society compared to Christian culture, we Catholics have had the habit of having similar objects in our cars for quite some time, as we have them in our houses or carry them with us.


Rector of the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians and guardian of the Franciscan monastery in Brezje, Father Dr. Robert Bahčič he says about them: “Religious objects that we have in the car or carry with us not only remind us of God, but call for his protection and protection. In the main, these are blessed things, because by blessing we invoke God’s grace on everything we do. They are our reminder to pray for God’s providence and protection when we travel by car. A reminder that at the beginning of every journey, we turn to the good God with a prayer and ask for blessings and safe driving. I often pray the rosary myself or listen to spiritual music.”

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The objects presented here are well known to all of us, but we usually do not realize that they are not just external decoration, like some other pendant or sticker that we also see on the road. What do they actually mean for a Catholic?


1Rosary and cross

A rosary, and sometimes just a cross, is usually hung on the rearview mirror. It is a beautiful decoration and, especially in countries with a mixed religious population, it is also an external expression of identity. Since it can also be seen by other road users, it can remind us that we are Christians behind the wheel as well, and that we do not cast a bad light on believers with cultural driving. At the same time, the rosary in the other car reminds us that the other drivers are also our brothers and sisters, which comes in handy when we are on edge with our nerves.

Of course, the rosary is primarily a tool for prayer, which Mary encourages us to do daily. It is right to sometimes take it off and pray to our heavenly mother and take refuge under her protection when we are on the road. Time in the car, especially on long drives and in company, can be a very favorable time for prayer and contemplation of the life of Jesus. Of course, we must not forget to look at the road!



2Images and icons of saints

Images and icons of saints are among the oldest devotional objects still with us. It is not surprising that they have also found their way into the car. With them, we remember the saints who can be a blessing on our journey through intercession.

By far the most famous intercessor is St. Kristof, but there are many other patrons whose image in the car would be a good intercession. Among them are St. Jacob, St. Joseph, as well as Anthony of Padua, who can help us find our lost way, and Archangel Raphael. Along with it, we can also remember the guardian angels who watch over us all the time, even when we are in the car. We can also remember them with an image.


3Ichthys fish

In recent decades, the Christian symbol “ichtis” has come to the fore again. One of the oldest symbols of the Christian faith has been rarely used for more than a thousand years, but now there is a resurgence of its use from the English-speaking world, especially as a sticker or emblem on the back of cars. What makes this item special is its testimony, as it is exposed on the outside of the car and clearly proclaims the faith of the driver. Of course, it should not admonish us to evangelize with this, but it can encourage us to be a better example.



4CDs with devotional music

Of course, the CD is not a true devotional item. Or is it? Like the rest of the subjects mentioned, devotional music keeps us in touch with God in our daily life. Through it we can celebrate and pray twice. Why not take a blessed CD with you on the go? Thus, the blessing can also be spread through song.

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