Nature’s treasures on our skin

This is also why returning to nature and taking care of health are on the rise in the field of care and cosmetics. However, in proportion to the growing trend of interest in natural care products, questions are also being raised about what is natural, biological and ecological.

“Experiences from the food industry are at times extremely bad and cast doubt on all other areas of the ‘back to nature’ philosophy. Confusion most often arises where the consumer is just deciding to switch to more natural products. Therefore, it is very important that we educate manufacturers and speak openly about everything that classifies our products. Customers must not be misled, and natural cosmetics must be defined by sincerity,” she explains clearly Darja Blatnikowner of the Moika brand, based on the belief that the most we can offer our skin from the outside is carefully designed natural and simple care.

According to her, this way, for example, we could also avoid the dangerous behavior of consumers who only use raspberry seed oil for sun protection because they read somewhere that it offers a protection factor of 50, which is, of course, completely false and misleading. “Another problem or challenge that I inevitably encounter with potential users is that due to the flood of non-professional information on the Internet and the excessive romanticization and attribution of miraculous properties to individual raw materials, which turn out to be much less effective when used, a shadow of doubt falls on all professional and carefully designed products that together actually form an effective whole,” warns Blatnikova. He says that the Slovenian consumer is not stupid and it is right to have doubts. This forces the providers to be ever better and to present the content of their products in an increasingly well-argued manner.

Natural care is a decision

“There is certainly great potential in natural care on the Slovenian market, but those of us who actually pour nature into bottles still have a lot of work to do,” explains the interlocutor.

What are the essential characteristics of natural cosmetics and care products? “The common denominator of the responses of our users are fresh oils, carefully prepared hydrolates, lively essential oils and highly concentrated extracts of plants at the height of their vegetation, intertwined with modern knowledge and active ingredients that form different products, give a feeling of aliveness, carry full associations with past experiences with nature and connect us with it on an unconscious level. The skin falls in love with such products extremely quickly. Let’s not forget that the skin is a reflection of what is happening inside us. With adequate and high-quality care, we ensure a good condition of mind and body,” answers Blatnikova.

Her care products have recently been joined on the shelves by top-quality fragrance blends, under which the perfumer signs Martina Vatovec, who fell in love with creating perfumes while studying aromatherapy, herbalism and natural cosmetics. “This was followed by extensive training in Croatia, Italy, France, Israel, Canada and the United States of America. Various perfume creations were born all the time, which I constantly upgraded, transformed, and even abandoned some of them while gathering new knowledge,” says Vatovčeva, adding that four scents with completely different characters were extracted, and the selected mixtures have exceptional aromatherapeutic power. and have a strong effect on our mood.

Fragrances to regulate mood

Making perfumes takes a lot of knowledge, persistence and practice. “It is very important to know which natural ingredients to combine so that the perfume lasts as long as possible. The advantage of creating a natural perfume is that its basic ingredients, such as essential oils, are extremely complex compounds and smell very nice on their own. Simple natural perfumes may contain only three essential oils, but perfume in the true sense of the word consists of many more components,” explains the perfumer. In synthetic perfumes, he explains, one ingredient has only one component, but in natural perfumes, where essential oils are used as ingredients, just one of these ingredients can contain more than 50 components. “A perfumer who creates synthetic perfumes must therefore know many more basic ingredients, which are produced in a laboratory. Natural perfumery, on the other hand, is much more intuitive, since the botanical perfumer’s raw materials are part of nature and he is much more connected to them. Knowledge of the plants from which the aromatic raw materials are extracted makes it easier to imagine the final combination of the perfume.”

The essence of natural perfumes is their natural complexity, which has an exceptional aromatherapeutic effect. Completely natural scents made from pure aromatic ingredients affect our mood and well-being. “With them, we can regulate our mood, conjure up the feeling we want. It is for this purpose that perfumes were created that answer the question of how you feel today,” explains Vatovčeva. Her collection includes three perfumes: the floral perfume I feel feminine, based on rose, the perfume Širim radost, dominated by lively citrus, and the perfume Ljubim se, dominated by vanilla, cardamom, coriander, jasmine and rose.

Tablets instead of toothpaste

Lusha also bets on fresh and organic products, where effective cosmetic products are made from fresh organic fruits and vegetables, the best essential oils and safe synthetic compounds. The company does not support or perform animal testing, they test their handmade products on humans and mostly sell them without packaging or in packaging that is recycled. Instead of toothpaste, they offer toothpaste, face serum or hair shampoo is available in the form of a hard bar, which melts into a soft texture when in contact with the skin or hair, gelatin face masks are also special. During the holiday season, children are most excited about “plasticine”, which replaces the usual shower gels, Christmas colored bath bombs and scented bubble bath.

Bet on goat’s milk

The story is also very special Urške Martinec from Goričke, who draws inspiration for the creation of Martur cosmetic products from the family farm Mali Raj and nature, or the ingredients that the farmers grow in the fields. One of the most important ingredients of Urška’s daily renewing face cream is goat’s milk, while the active ingredients of ecotin in the soothing face toner moisturize and restore the skin from excessive skin cleansing. All products are dermatologically tested and do not contain perfumes or dyes. Urška, who was a multiple state athletics champion and the best athlete of Murska Sobota, also wants to create natural cosmetics for athletes in the future.