Natural perfumes from botanical essences

The long-standing dream of how to work with nature and return to the environment at least a fraction of what we take from it every day, piece by piece and day by day in Darji Blatnik put together an idea of ​​how to combine desire with survival. Creating a story through daily contact with nature, listening to it and capturing it in a bottle in the most gentle way is a love that has matured slowly and has no end in sight. She wanted something special. Products that will be the fruit of nature from our environment, from our farms and from the hands of our growers, without compromising on quality and usability. This is how the Slovenian care collection Moika was born.

Education years ago led Blatnikova to the business path Martino Vatovec, a boutique perfumer with avant-garde concepts. She is also a woman who lives in contact with nature and draws inspiration for life from it, and you can feel its colors and essences in her perfumes. Perhaps as an interesting fact, Vatovčeva found herself in the world of fragrances after a sweet career as a confectioner. “But I always knew that I wanted to continue my career in the world of natural fragrances. I followed my heart and studied in Croatia, Italy, France, Israel, Canada and the USA. All this time, various perfume creations were born, which I constantly upgraded, transformed, and even abandoned some of them while gathering new knowledge,” said Martina Vatovec at the presentation of four scents with completely different characters, which are the result of a successful collaboration with Darja Blatnik.

Perfume making is a complex process

Making perfumes requires a lot of knowledge about the components and then a lot of practice. It is necessary to know which natural ingredients to combine in order for the perfume to last. Nobody wants a perfume that disappears with the first breeze. “The advantage of creating a natural perfume is that its basic ingredients, such as essential oils, are extremely complex compounds and smell very nice by themselves. Simple natural perfumes may contain only three different essential oils, but perfume in the true sense of the word consists of many more components that are invisible to the eye,” explains the interviewee, emphasizing that in synthetic perfumes one ingredient has only one component, in natural perfumes, where essential oils, absolute, concrete, carbon dioxide extract are used as ingredients, and just one of these ingredients contains more than 50 components. “Therefore, a perfumer who creates synthetic perfumes must know much more about the basic ingredients produced in the laboratory.”

Vatovčeva also mentioned that natural perfumery is much more intuitive, since the botanical perfumer’s material is a part of nature and is much more connected to it. “Knowledge of the plant material from which the fragrance materials are obtained makes it easier to imagine the final perfume combination.”

Intoxicating scents that affect emotions and well-being

The Martina Botanical Perfumes collection presented just before the holidays includes three perfumes, one is still on the way, and the entrepreneur says with a smile on her face that many more new ones are being prepared in the future. “These are aromatherapy perfumes that, in addition to smelling nice, affect our emotions and create harmony of body and spirit. This is where the slogan of the line ‘How do you feel today?’ comes from, because with the right choice of essential oils, we can find the way to well-being,” says Darja Blatnik while hanging out in the Ika store, where perfumes can be bought, and adds that the smell reaches subconscious and affects emotions, because the path from the perception of smell in the nasal cavity to the brain, where we process the smell, is so short that we cannot control what is happening with our thoughts.