Iris Mulej advises: decorate your home with personalized photo products – Current

With the help of smartphones, we can create memories at every step. It has never been so easy to capture a moment of happiness as we can do it today. Also, all these moments can be lost or forgotten very quickly among the thousands of remaining shots. We couldn’t agree more with Iris, who says that it’s a completely different feeling when you hold memories in your hands or admire them on a wall than when you look at them on your phone. Besides, we never know when our phone will fail us.

Iris Mulej she is a true master of creating memories. The walls of her home are decorated with beautiful photographs, which are real feast for the eyes. He says that these are carefully selected favorite memories that they enjoy looking at every day, and at the same time they are a beautiful wall decoration in their home. Iris has created many wonderful CEWE photo products, which are always color-matched to the space and carefully designed. She often includes her two little ones in the design, who love photography just like her.

In addition to photos, she also created a collage of her favorite photos to liven up the walls of her home hexxas hexagon foam tiles. Iris decided on a black and white version of the family photos and added a pink accessory that complements the wall decor very nicely.

The daughter’s room was furnished by s calendar, which can also be a wonderful wall decoration if it depicts memories that are especially close to your heart. 13 selected photos for 13 blank pages and for memories that will accompany you throughout the year.

Iris’s favorite personalized photo product is CEWE PHOTOBOOK, which he designs entirely according to his own taste and inspiration. The bookshelves of her home are decorated with a beautiful collection of photo books, and very soon she will add another one filled with summer memories.