In two words: simplicity and light

According to the interlocutor, the main term that describes the trends of modern homes is homeliness. “Our homes are increasingly becoming a place of regeneration – a place where the whole family can relax and disconnect. This decorative style tries to create an atmosphere that conveys relaxation: minimal furniture, cleanliness, soft colors and references to nature. In two words: simplicity and light,” he emphasizes NerinaCandotti.

Among the trends of 2022 there is certainly a strong sense of minimalism, balance, simplicity of lines and shapes, and another important value: sustainability. The latter can be strongly felt in recycled materials, LED lights or solar lamps. Reconnecting with nature is another of the most characteristic needs of furniture and decoration trends this year. In recent years, it has sometimes been difficult to spend time outdoors, which has only strengthened the need for contact with nature and natural elements indoors. “The idea is to bring this inside using natural materials: wood, wicker furniture, bamboo, rattan and jute. In addition, plants play a very important role in this type of decoration, as they help to clean the environment and breathe a lot of positivity into it,” emphasizes the head of interior design at the company IKEA.

And of course – colors. Soft, natural, with a gentle shade accent »primroseblue“. These are the trends that nominated »veryfeathers” for color Pantone 2022. The more traditional blue is also very popular for the walls of homes: relaxing and imaginative, but above all very versatile. Navy blue shades, but also lighter ones like turquoise or »cyansky“, infuse positive emotions from the bedroom to the living room.

Among the colors that fill houses this spring are ocher in many shades and green, especially olive and petrol.

“At Merkur, we notice that this spring, sand colors in combination with gray, brown and blue will dominate the interior decoration of the home. Such colors give the appearance of nature, which is even more desirable in our homes in the springtime, inspires and refreshes our stay,” she said. ManuelaEla Pishkurhead of strategic marketing in to Mercury.

“There has been a trend of pillows as furniture accessories for some time. They decorate the home in a simple way, and we can easily adapt them according to the seasons. They are popular both in neutrals and in alive colors that can create a nice contrast in the room. Blankets, which can be coordinated with or contrast with the pillows, also have a decorative effect.” ManuelaEla Piškur also describes the most desirable decorative products of the season.

“Vases, candles and decorative baskets are also fashionable accessories. Vases are an accessory suitable for just about any home and style, no matter how minimalist it may be. Both ceramic vases in neutral colors and glass vases in brighter ones are popular alive shades. Shapes vary from very traditional to more modern, such as face shapes. Candles, however, are increasingly used as decorations that create “Velneškiambience. Candles in the form of bubbles and human figures are extremely popular this year. Decorative baskets are mainly present in natural materials and colors, and they are also in trend as flower pots in the interior of the home,” recommends the interviewee from Merkur.

As for carpets, Merkur notices that they are making a comeback. They are becoming an important part of decorative equipment, especially in living rooms and bedrooms. They can also serve as a starting point for the entire style theme of the home.

“Especially oriental-style carpets are coming back, as well as those in neutral, earthy colors. Decorative rugs, such as artificial sheep fur, are also popular. These serve different purposes, not only on the floor, but also on shelves, chairs and the like,” advises Piškurjeva.

In 2022, Merkur also sees an increase in the trend of standing lamps of various shapes. Hanging lamps appear in increasingly artistic forms and, just like standing ones, are becoming a part of individual expression and an important element in furnishing a home.

“Black colors are popular, often combined with wood. Industrial-looking lamps, such as hanging lamps, have also been around for some time. Table lamps, which are placed on a cupboard in the hallway, in the living room, in the bedroom, are also growing in popularity… These are not yet an indispensable part of the interior design, but they undoubtedly add the finishing touch to many rooms,” concludes the conversation about home interior decoration ManuelaEla Pishkur.