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Blooming spring is the ideal time to bring some freshness into your home. Where to start? It’s always a good idea to start preparations for spring with a visit to a PEPCO store, where you’ll quickly get inspiration for a stylish injection into your home. The lively spring products from the PEPCO store and the home & decor collection are high-quality, beautiful and cheap at the same time. They will help you create the mood for warm spring evenings in your oasis of peace.

Do you dream of a comfortable and cozy home where you can relax after a busy day? Check out the new offer, the store’s collection PEPCO. With attention to the smallest details, they prepared accessories in earthy tones for you. Those that will calm you down and bring you closer to nature. Check out pillows, bedspreads, rugs, artificial plants and scented candles. Let the moments at home be calm and relaxed.

The new collection of PEPCO home accessories draws inspiration from nature. In it, you can find water hyacinth products, plant pots from five euros and large fashionable table lamps for as little as 15 euros. Also check out the soft 100% cotton pillow covers for just four euros. Find inspiration with accessories from the special collection that you can already find in PEPCO stores – there you will feel the quality for a low price.

Here are some ideas to help you freshen up your home with just a few small steps and a little money. A quick and easy change of home decoration? We recommend white decorative accents, which not only look wonderful, but also optically increase the space. Do you also like bright accessories? Find your inspiration.

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Can’t your home forget winter? There is a way. With colorful PEPCO cushions, you will quickly bring a spring atmosphere into your home and furnish it according to the latest trends.

Decorative pillows are indispensable in the home and represent a relatively simple and affordable design for a stylish, seasonal revival of the home. It is an accessory that softens the seemingly cold sofa set, makes the bed inviting, and completes the otherwise style of the equipment, at home and gives it the finishing touch. In PEPCU, you can choose from a wide range of decorative cushions and pillow covers for every taste and style of furniture. Smooth, fringed, colorful, soft and pleasant to the touch – click to check the offer a blanket, cushions and satin bedding, which awaits you in the PEPCO store.

For a long time, the basic role of carpets is no longer just to cover the floor, so that our feet don’t get cold. They can also be an original way to completely change a room, give it a modern or classic touch, and bring a pleasant atmosphere to the room. At the same time, rugs can also be focal points for family gatherings, as they create both warmth underfoot and between family members.

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Do you like everything in its place at home? With storage boxes, you can hide things in plain sight. Crates and storage boxes provide a neat look and complement your chosen style.

For the living room, bedroom or bathroom? All this! Discover wicker baskets inspired by nature and store your things in a convenient and stylish way.

In addition to general lighting in the room, you also need ambient light, which is gentler and ensures better well-being, a better mood, the room becomes more beautiful, and also emphasizes individual elements in the room. By choosing interesting table lamps and also take care of the decor. Ambient light thus co-shapes the space in which you live.

Decorative lamps and strings of lights can also be a good idea for adding style to your home, which can be ideal for a magical and warm atmosphere in your home, as they create a wonderful ambiance.

If you want more greenery in your home, we have a wonderful surprise for you. Brighten up your home with flower pots, vases and containers in elegant classic colors. Geometric and relief shapes will add a modern and elegant look to the interior of the home. The new offer of the PEPCO store includes plant pots, thanks to which the room will acquire a touch of fashion style, and the flowers in it will look even more beautiful.

Flowerpots in earth tones go perfectly with curtains in a similar style and, of course, with fresh green. At home, they recreate what is most beautiful in nature. Create your own green oasis and enjoy the first rays of spring sun in a soothing environment.

Scented candles will not only light up the interior, but are also a wonderful decoration. Our advice? We recommend you both in modern graphite gray color, which does not only appear on walls and industrial floors. You can also find it among classic decorative products, such as candles from the new PEPCO collection.

In the new spring collection, ceramic products in various colors have been prepared for you. With them, every snack and your favorite tea will look wonderful. If you want to feel the coming spring, mix it in unique, pastel mugs with a floral motif.

A beautifully decorated and functional dining room is the result of a successful combination of several elements. Color, texture, decorative details – everything is important. You will arrange the room with the selected products, and at the same time they will look wonderful on the table. Practical ones will help you with this tablewarecups, elegant utensils and plates, with which you will serve dishes and drinks in the most original way.

For a cup of coffee, a vase with flowers or decoration – minimalist coffee tables will become a practical addition to your living room or bedroom. Do you already know what you will put on it?

Also check out the wide range of products to brighten up the wall decoration. Definitely don’t miss it macrame, dream catcherand various pictures on canvas or with a frame.

In PEPCU, you can also choose from a collection in Japan style, where there is no room for chance and which was carefully selected for you by the designers. The Japandi collection combines Scandinavian and Japanese style, and the common thread is coexistence with nature, peace and functionality. Be inspired by the accessories chosen by the designers and create a new space full of harmony. Bowls with wooden cutlery, cast iron containers with bamboo lining or ceramic tea pots – these are just some of the products you can find in PEPCO stores. The collection is only available in selected stores. You can view the list of stores here.

Why is it worth shopping at PEPCO stores?

Pepco stores are available almost all over the country and you will find everything you need at low prices. In PEPCO stores you will find a wide range of products for yourself, your family and home.



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