4 places to apply perfume for longer lasting (+ 4 places not to!) – Beauty

When applying fragrances, do you sometimes like to get carried away with the quantity and when choosing the place of application? Since the skin is more sensitive in certain places, pay attention to the following:


Scent your hair instead of your skin, and you’ll keep the scent of perfume all day long. Do not spray the fragrance directly on them so as not to dry them out, but spray a hairbrush and then comb. This way, the scent will be evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair.


The delicate skin on the back of the knees is thin, and the blood vessels are just below the surface, so this area heats up quickly, and the heat enhances the effect of the perfume.


It may sound strange, but the back is ideal for applying perfume. Its scent will be felt in a subtle and unobtrusive way throughout the day. Push the bottle of perfume under the shirt on the back of the body and spray the back twice.


Apply a drop of perfume on your fingers and with them on the navel area. A trick that will please not only you, but also your loved one due to the long-lasting effect of the perfume.

But where is it not good to apply perfume?

In addition to spraying directly on the hair, it is also avoided wrist, which experts report is far from the best choice. The alcohol in the perfume irritates the skin, which is particularly thin and sensitive on the wrists, and if you touch your face a lot, this could result in inflamed and red eyes.

Many are convinced that they are armpits perfect for applying perfume, but in fact, the very mixing of deodorant, perfume and secretions from the sweat glands can result in unpleasant itching and even skin inflammation. The same applies to genitaliabecause perfume in women can cause vaginal inflammation, itching and severe pain.

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